Great service and friendly inviting atmosphere.
Bryon C.

The welcome and the actual treatment
David C.

Very nice employees made sure I was comfortable for the compression therapy – loved the service!
Erika H.

The staff is amazing and knowledgeable. My cryotherapy session was great, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Paige M.

Very easy no hassle rescheduling at the last minute when I was running late and the PBM was ready 15 min earlier than expected.
Hans L.

Deepest relaxation I know.
Floyd K.

I my was a great experience. I loved the environment. Colin and Kelly were super helpful and informative. And it helped my back and neck quite a bit.
Heather S.

Your staff were fabulous. They took the time to give me a tour and explain all services and upon check out, the woman that checked me out, took a genuine interest in my health struggles and offered suggestions on how to utilize some of the services offered. They made me feel welcomed. It was an overall pleasant experience!
Diane C.

Staff were super welcoming and knowledgeable in everything.
Natanael G.

See my Facebook post. 😊
Alana R.

Fantastic service and knowledgeable staff. Very clean and professional
Melanie F.

Great service and folks!!
Eric R.

Fabulously friendly staff, clean facility and the variety of therapies available.
Shayla G.

Nice clean shop, friendly employees, high-end equipment, painless process, and promising results!
Joseph F.

I had the pleasure of touring the facility last Sunday. It certainly is quite an amazing place! I found it to be absolutely beautiful and just immaculate! The atmosphere was very peaceful and so inviting. The decor was lovely and tastefully done. I also have had the opportunity to visit this past Friday. I decided to try the Float Pod, and I must say I loved every minute of it! It is something I will definitely do again! Everything about the experience left me with such a feeling of inner peace and serenity. I’m looking forward to going back for the Localized Cryotherapy, I know this will help immensely with the pain of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Infrared Sauna is something I plan on doing very soon as well.
Nancy G.

Friendly service
Joe D.

I loved my experience there
Joanne O.

I felt immediate relief
Amanda M.

Team was great 😁
Rodney A.

Wicked friendly employees. They know their stuff and make the treatments easy and fun!
Bobby R.

Everyone was very friendly and explained to me the different treatment options. It was a very pleasant relaxing experience
Pam L.

Fantastic staff proven results.
Bill C.

The level of service and care and how I felt after my treatment.
Vinny L.

I had such a good and relaxing time!
Paul R.

Staff was very friendly, provided information about the services in a clear concise manner. Prices are very reasonable for this cutting edge technology. Business very clean and the place looked overall very professional and not tacky.
Emily S.

You guys rock
David L.

The service and the staff was amazing
Colton L.

Great tour. Interesting treatment and good staff
Sue S.

Loved the treatment! Loved the staff! Super friendly and very educated on the services! Will definitely recommend to others!!
Robin T.

I thought the facility was clean, the staff kind. And Colin was very knowledgeable. It was great being able to discuss physiology.
Concetta O.

Customer service
Debra D.

Great staff.
Nicolle S.

Really impressed with the facility. Eager to try more services. And very eager to get rid of the pain!
Michelle B.

You’re awesome!
Brian B.

Great tech, felt like it really did something positive for my body
Noah T.

Great staff
Matt V.

i had a great experience, and have been referring friends
Stephen C.

Because the facial was great and I love my sister sm😂
Margaret L.

Driving vicinity, kind staff.

The staff is very nice felt welcome
Chad W.

Great environment. Staff highly professional & welcoming. Always clean and inviting
Dorra R.

Great people, clean facility, reasonably priced!
Jon M.

Very nice and knowledgeable staff, clean and welcoming environment.
Laura P.

Friendly helpful staff, relaxing atmosphere, felt great after services.
Isaac C.

Staff was very professional and attentive and cryotherapy felt good and I PR’d my triathlon the next day 🙂
Pamela S.

Very pleasant experience.
J.J. M.

I found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable and the facility well organized and pleasant.
Diane C.

Great equipment, beautiful space and friendly staff
Jessica U.

You provide services that can help others. I even recommend you before my first visit
Craig S.

Great service friendly knowledgeable staff
Susan S.

The float experience was better than expected. The center was clean, beautifully outfitted and decorated, and the staff was knowledgeable and caring.
Stephen W.

MO was exceptional in helping explain everything and showing us around. Have my son the time he needed.
Alexander Q.

Great experience all around
Colm S.

I really liked the place you have unique stuff and I really enjoy it I will come again soon
Angie S.

Friendly atmosphere
Patrick K.

The full-body cryotherapy was great! I can’t wait to come back and try the float pod.
Michelle G.

Lovely explanation of the float tank and great experience
Katie G.

Your staff is wonderful
Amanda N.

We already recommended you to a friend. Austin’s wrist was hurting for a few days after hockey camp and then he was pain-free after his cryotherapy session. Worked great!
Stephanie K.

Very nice people here. Took their time to answer questions and explain everything.

Great environment- helpful staff
Paul G.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff in addition to ease of scheduling.
Heidi F.

Experience was easy, staff was friendly, and I like the ability to buy “packs” that will cover different treatments.
Kathleen S.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, clean, comfortable and inviting facilities.
Jack C.

The girl was awesome and the treatment felt great
Kristin M.

Awesome experience and great customer service! 😃
Kristine C.

Great experience!
Audrey B.

The whole body Cryo therapy actually went well beyond an immediate energy boost and pain relief. It completely calmed my lower back and sciatica pain and I ran 30% further today, completely pain-free -amazingly effective!
Leslie W.

Great and friendly staff. Explained everything and answered every question I had.
Alexander M.

The float pod is awesome! I will definitely be doing it again. So relaxing!
Chad W.

So impressed with Peak Recovery And Health Center. The atmosphere is warm and inviting as soon as you walk in the door. Had my first Whole Body Cryogenic session, worked with Kaitlin H. She was friendly, personable and knowledgeable. She explained the entire process with me answering every question I had. During my “deep freeze” she stayed right by me making sure I was ok and helping if needed. As soon as I got out of the chamber, I was filled with energy and a feeling of euphoria. Hours later I still felt great, slept like a baby and woke up pain free for the first time in about a week. So impressed, I signed up for 5 visit package. Thank you Peak Recovery and Health Center.
Mark B.

I have been to Peak Recovery twice now and can’t wait to go back. I left feeling recovered and rejuvenated!
Sherri B.

Great location if you are looking for a one-stop shop for all modalities for healing and recovery. Jim did a great job with my cryo session. The facility is clean and clinical.
Sarena B.

Really think that the cryogenic therapy helped and I plan on using it more.
Ross J.

Knowledgeable, friendly staff, clean space and effective treatment. I would absolutely return and would recommend it to anyone looking to recover from stress, injury or illness. Thank you!

Katie H.

It was an amazing experience in the Float tank. The overall experience was beyond what I expected. I can’t wait to get back there.
Jennifer M.

Great place with what you need to recover faster
Robert L.

The float pod was a wonderful experience which allowed me to relax deeply.
Gary C.