Celluma Takes the Edge Off Aging

I have a friend in his 70s who is fond of saying, “Aging is not for wimps.” He’s right. The Mayo Clinic offers a page on what to expect as you age. It can make for disquieting reading: increased blood pressure, weakened bones, reduced muscle mass, tendency to gain weight.

Fortunately, you can actually slow all these effects with healthy eating and regular exercise. For proof, just go to a triathlon. The age groupers in their 60s and 70s may have gray hair and wrinkled skin, and they may get to the finish line a little later, but otherwise they look and perform like everybody else: slim bodies and exemplary posture. Those are the benefits of many hours of physical training.

Unfortunately, physical training doesn’t do much for your graying, thinning hair or your wrinkly skin.

Celluma for Healthy Skin

Celluma, however, promotes healthier, younger-looking skin. It does this because light in specific wavelengths stimulates fibroblast cells to produce collagen and elastin, two proteins found in connective tissue.

When we age, our fibroblasts produce less of those proteins.  Skin begins lose its stretchiness and starts to wrinkle. When the fibroblasts are stimulated to produce more collagen and elastin, skin starts to become firmer and stretchier — younger looking, in other words.

And, although it may require a series of sessions to achieve maximum rejuvenation, the main effects are usually visible in a single session. Many clients tell us their skin glows after a Celluma session. Nearly all of them say it is visibly smoother and more supple. Until Celluma, skin rejuvenation techniques were based almost entirely on the systematic destruction of the skin so it can heal itself. Treatments like acid baths, dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and facelift surgery are all invasive and uncomfortable.

Unlike the traditional techniques, Celluma requires no prescriptions and no downtime. It is FDA-cleared. Dozens of clinical studies and thousands of applications have shown it is non-toxic, non-invasive, safe, and painless. It requires no recovery time and can be used on all skin types.

Clinical Results

In one of Celluma’s clinical trials, after four weeks…

    • 80% of participants reported improvement in skin texture
    • 77% reported improvement in skin firmness
    • 66% reported improvement in wrinkles.

We have a page with a two-minute video that explains the process and includes several before and after photos.

A Celluma Session

Here’s how it works. While you relax in a private room with low ambient lighting and soft music, your Peak recovery technician will check to make sure the target area is free of makeup, clothing, or anything else that may deflect light. You can use Celluma on any area of problem skin, but it you’re using it on your face, you will don light-blocking goggles because the light from the Celluma is quite bright. Then the recovery technician will place the Celluma as closely as possible to the surface of your skin and will make sure you are in a comfortable position, usually reclining or semi-reclining. The device then shines on your skin for 30 minutes. It may be slightly warm, but there is no discomfort. Many clients fall asleep during the session.

If your skin has begun to show its age, you might achieve a more youthful appearance with Celluma. Why not book a session today and give it a try? Now if we could just do something about the hair loss.