CryoFacelift and Celluma Package

The second posting on this blog was for our cryofacial service, before we even opened for business. Since then, I have touted cryotherapy to you for muscle soreness, back pain, arthritis, and even weight control, as well as a number of other conditions. This week, I want to take another look at cryotherapy as a beauty application, because combining Cryofacelift and Celluma creates a convenient, nonsurgical way to look your best. It can also make you feel more energized and alive.

Together, the two therapies make your skin look smoother on the surface and firmer in the deeper layers. The result can be a toned-looking face with fewer, less noticeable lines.


There’s a great deal of research assessing the effects of cryotherapy on major and minor health problems. But its usefulness as a beauty enhancement doesn’t get quite as much scientific attention. I found a Korean study that appeared in 2009, however, which showed that cryotherapy limited both puffiness in eyelids and facial discolorations. In that particular study, the subjects were all patients recovering from craniotomy. But even if you’re not recovering from craniotomy, I think the principle is probably the same. Extreme cold reduces puffiness and discoloration. The Korean research was decidedly low-tech. It relied on ice packs to deliver the cryotherapy.

And, in fact, ice seems to have a fairly large following as a beauty treatment. I ran across this video in which a young woman demonstrates a five-minute ice cube facial. “It’s gonna tighten and firm your skin,” she says. She goes on to point out that it closes pores, shrinks capillaries, and empties ducts.

She’s right. Ice does all that, and if often does it about as well as a surgical facelift. But you may remember how I feel about using ice on the body: it’s uncomfortable at best and harmful at worst. A Peak Cryofacelift, on the other hand, involves no ice, just a handheld wand that puffs dramatically cold air against your skin. This treatment provides all the benefits of ice in a more convenient and comfortable form. And it’s safe. Our operators have been trained in the speed, proximity, and patterns of movement that allow them to use this low temperature without risk to you.


Here’s how Celluma, which is a form of photobiomodulation, works. While you relax in a private room with low ambient lighting and soft music, your Peak recovery technician will make sure you are wearing light-blocking goggles. After checking your skin for anything that could interfere with the treatment, the recovery technician will place the Celluma panel as closely as possible to the surface of your skin. The device then shines specific wavelengths of light on your face for 30 minutes. It may be slightly warm, but there is no discomfort. Many clients fall asleep during the session.

A study of 136 volunteers published in 2014 found that photobiomodulation “significantly improved skin complexion and skin feeling, profilometrically assessed skin roughness, and ultrasonographically measured collagen density.” Clinical examination of anonymized photographs of the participants confirmed the improvements.

Cryofacelift and Celluma Package

With the Cryofacelift and Celluma package, you first enjoy the Cryofacelift, which soothes your face, reduces the size of your pores, and tightens your skin. Then your Peak recovery technician applies the Celluma, from which you emerge with skin visibly smoother and more supple. Many clients say their skin glows after a Celluma session.

Results are usually apparent immediately. But you may want to get the maximum improvement by enjoying a series of sessions over a few weeks.

If you want to look your best with the Cryofacelift and Celluma Package, you will find it under the Cryoskin 3.0 service category in our booking site. You can also talk with us about it or set up an appointment by phone: 603-402-4564.