Cyrofacial Certified!

Truth be told, growing up in balmy Buffalo, NY and living in both Maine and NH has not created a cold-hardy warrior out of me. At the same time, when asked to attend our staff Cryotherapy training, I went right to the front of the line! How cold could it be?! Heck…I survived sub-zero temps every Halloween and Easter in a heavy winter coat, hat, gloves, boots…only eyes exposed winter-wear. I never could figure out why I needed a costume or pretty Spring dress.

Cryotherapy uses cold temperatures for health benefits. It has been around since the 1700’s and is used in different ways to decrease pain, minimize muscle spasms, improve recovery, slow cellular aging and improve health, in general. Very different than a cold shower or ice bath, recent Cryotherapy innovation uses liquid nitrogen in a small room or enclosed cylinder set-up to achieve its health benefits.

Our team headed to NYC for a Cryomachines Inc. training, specifically for Cryofacials and Local Cryotherapy. We used the Metrum Cryo-T Elephant. Yes, there was an elephant in the room. A relatively large unit, perhaps a 3’ tall cylinder with a long hose attached to a nitrogen tank stood before us.

Mo, bravest of the team, volunteered to be the first to experience the vaporized liquid nitrogen Cryofacial. The temp of the nitrogen dropped to about -125F…ready to apply! Our instructor held a thick pen-like tube and with smooth, sweeping strokes, ‘painted’ her neck…cheeks…forehead…top of head and all around with the freezing cold white vapor. She used a low velocity spray up to a higher velocity spray being careful of the distance the wand was to Mo’s face. The process lasted about 12 minutes…and voila! A relaxed, refreshed Mo emerged from the recliner! Each of us received and delivered the treatment. It feels delicious! From a gentle cool cross breeze to a more bracing, direct chill…all very comfortable.

Finally, I was excited to learn that we were also to experience the full body Cryotherapy treatment. With briefs on and hands, feet, ears and nose protected I stepped into a -240F cloud of COLD! For 2 minutes I danced to Dave Mathews while receiving this anti-inflammatory and invigorating treatment. I hadn’t really thought about what I might feel like after the treatment. Like so many folks, I manage regular low back discomfort pretty regularly. I am thrilled to say that after sitting in a truck for 4.5 hours on the way to NY, with some fidgeting, about half way home, I realized I was completely comfortable…no discomfort. Would not have believed it if it wasn’t my body. Did not get to bed until 10:30 p.m. Easily 90 minutes later than usual. Slept well and woke up energized. Color me happy!

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Lisa Federico
Recovery Technician