How The Center Came To Be

It is with tremendous excitement that our dream is finally getting ready to come true. For years, I have imagined figuring out a way to help people perform and simply feel better. This passion was originally developed as a triathlon/multisport coach, but in recent years, it has gone far beyond that.

For people that don’t know me, I am a self proclaimed “gadget junkie” and someone that is always willing to test out and try out nearly anything that could help with health and wellness, especially the latest technologies. This primarily comes from my desire to figure out how I could become a better athlete myself as well as give recommendations to my clients.

Late last year, I started receiving regular cryotherapy treatment. The experience was invigorating and I was impressed with the results of just a single session. I was amazed at how it made me feel and much energy I got from that single session. Normally around dinner time, I start to hit the wall and get quite tired. With a young family, I do go to bed early, but I just couldn’t believe how much energy I had at that time of the day and felt myself much more motivated to run around and play with my kids. As a result, I continued to receive treatment regularly and loved the fact that I could literally be in and out of my truck for less than 10 minutes and have received a full body treatment. As a father of 4 young children (our oldest turned 5 in December), I am all about efficiency and was really impressed by how quickly I could aid myself in recovery as well as increase my energy levels.

My experience really got me thinking about how I could bring this technology to the greater Nashua area. I started researching like a mad man trying to learn everything I could about cryotherapy. Since I travel a good amount of time for my full time job, I used that as an opportunity to check out other facilities around the country. This allowed me to test out most of the machines that are on the market, see what the process is like at different providers, and so forth. I will say that nearly all the other owners have been extremely helpful and transparent about their operations. As a result, I am very confident we are going to provide an optimal experience to our customers.

Along the way, I also found some amazing additional therapies that the Nashua area was lacking. These therapies include “Floating” in a deprivation tank, detoxifying in an Infrared Suana, Cyrofacials, localized cryotherapy to treat specific areas, RecoveryPump compression therapy to aid in circulation in recovery, and the one I am probably most excited about, photobiomodulation therapy. This is something I had heard of briefly last year, but when I saw the price tag of the equipment, I knew it wasn’t something I could realistically consider purchasing for my home. However, upon continuing to do my research, I simply could not believe how amazing the proper dosage of photobiomodulation can benefit people. The results are astounding for athletes, but I couldn’t get over how many types of chronic illnesses and general health issues this machine could help with. As a result, I knew this was something that had to be a part of our offering. If you haven’t heard of it, please check it out. Photobiomodulation has literally changed people’s lives for the better and is something almost everyone can benefit from.

We’re excited to use this blog to help you get a better understanding of our solutions and who they can help.  However, we’ll also be showcasing our amazing staff (I couldn’t be happier about the team we’ve put together so far) and providing helpful advice on how people can improve their lives.

As we get closer and closer to opening our doors, we will continue to update our blog with our progress and provide you with more info on our staff.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like any additional information, please let us know or sign up for our mailing list!


Colin Cook