Is Cryoskin Right For Me?

Cryoskin employs a wand that our operator uses to dramatically lower the temperature of a fat deposit. Because fat cells freeze before skin, muscle, or nerve cells, we can program the wand to hit the precise temperature to make fat cells die before the area gets cold enough to damage any other tissue. Then, over the next two weeks after the Cyroskin session, provided you continue to exercise and don’t overeat, the dead fat cells pass out through your urine and leave your targeted area looking slimmer and better toned.

Cryoskin is not a weight loss program, but if you’re committed to a healthy diet and regular exercise, it can be an effective supplement to weight control. When you see stubborn fat deposits shrink, it may give you the motivation you need to stay focused on keeping your weight down. That said, Cryoskin works in about 90% of people, and this post will explain how to determine if you may be in that 90%.

1. Realistic Expectations

First of all, you need to be a person with realistic expectations. A Cryoskin session can reduce a layer of fat by about 25%. That’s only about one-third of what can be achieved with liposuction (although liposuction does so at a much higher cost in terms of money, recovery time, discomfort, and not all the negative effects of surgery). In order to remove as much of a fat deposit as possible with Cryoskin, we recommend you have multiple sessions (ideally 2 weeks apart) over 8-12 weeks. So plan on allowing up to three months for the full effect. But it will be three months without down time and without pain.

You may see immediate results after the first session, but this is because the process enhances collagen production, which creates a visible toning effect. It takes about 2 weeks after a session for your system to flush your dead fat through your lymphatic system.

2. Free of Some Medical Conditions

Second, you need to be in good health. Cryoskin is not recommended for those with poor circulation, or those suffering from diabetes, cancer, liver disease, or kidney problems. Even if you’re in good health, it is not recommended for pregnant people.

You also have to make sure your diet and exercise are dialed in, especially after you have begun the process. In addition to a healthy diet long-term, you should not consume carbohydrates or alcohol for a couple hours before or after a Cryoskin session. Don’t work out immediately before a session, but it’s OK to work out right after. In fact, exercising will help to flush out the dead fat cells. Note that if you change your lifestyle and add new fat after Cryoskin, it may be a little more evenly distributed than it was before, but you still probably won’t be happy with the result.

3. BMI on Table One

Third, you can’t be obese. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute publishes two tables of body mass index (BMI). If you need to use Table 2 to find yours (BMI over 35), Cryoskin likely won’t have the desired effect for you. It works best on targeted fat deposits — “pinchable” bulges, such as love handles, arm flab, fat thighs, or a pot belly. The smaller the area of the deposit, the more effective the process is. As a practical matter, the process is not very effective for an area larger than a page from People Magazine. 

Do you have those three characteristics? If so, you may find that Cryoskin is an easy, comfortable, affordable way to have the body you want in the next 9-12 weeks. Get started by booking a session today. 

Photo: the head of the Cryoskin 3.0 wand.