2018-2019 PEAK Recovery & Health Center (PRAHC) Key Influencer Program Application

  • Program Requirements and Expectations

  • Our Goal with this program is to further incentivize and reward Key Influencers that are active in the Health and Wellness Community to refer to PRAHC as THE go to partner in recovery, expedited healing, preventative healthcare and wellness. This program is targeted to Key Influencers that are both using our services regularly as well as actively referring to PRAHC.

    PRAHC Expectations:

    1. Represent PRAHC in a positive manner at all times. Represent the mission of active and focused recovery to heal from injury, speed up recovery, reduce inflammation and increase overall health and wellbeing through the use of the most advanced, leading edge recovery and healing technology.
    2. Make a recovery and healing commitment to PRAHC by way of purchasing a monthly membership or package offering.
    3. Be able to speak to PRAHCs full complement of services.
    4. Actively refer patients/clients to PRAHC, a minimum of 1 client per month for first 3 months, increasing to 2 per month for following 12 months. To be reviewed monthly by PRAHC.
    5. Display PRAHC brochures in a prominent place in your office.
    6. Reshare PRAHC promotions on their personal and business pages.
    7. Promote PRAHC on social media (Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, YouTube) through weekly posts, checking in when at the Center, # tagging PRAHC before/during/after sessions. Minimum of 6 posts per month.
    8. Promote a group event of 10 participants or more priced @ $20 per person for a “Night of WBC and Compression Therapy!” with a guest speaker and recovery snacks/drink and/or product samples (provided by PRAHC) during 2018-2019 calendar year.

    Rewards and Benefits for PRAHC Ambassador:

    1. 2 free services per month for the Influencer (nontransferable) (*Alter-G excluded)
    2. 1 comp card for Ambassador to provide to one new client per month
    3. 1 PRAHC black cotton tee shirt
    4. 10 Referral Punch Card – for every 10 referrals they get a free service (for Influencers only, transferable to significant other and/or Influencer’s children)
    5. Free Whole Body Cryo & Compression during each Hosted Group event (see #7 above).
  • Privacy Policy

  • Once you submit your application, we will contact you shortly if we are interested in having you join the program.
    Thank you!