Massage Therapy FAQs

  • We offer 30, 60, 75 and 90-minute sessions.

Yes! Our therapists have studied extensively and are licensed massage therapists.

We encourage you to wear comfortable clothing to your massage so you can feel comfortable and relaxed afterward in non-restrictive clothing. For the massage itself, you can disrobe to the extent you feel comfortable; you will be covered during the massage with the therapist discreetly exposing only those areas they are working on. We encourage you to speak with your therapist to share your level of comfort with the covering.

Everyone is different in their reasons for seeking a massage as well as how the soft tissue will respond. Many individuals notice a greater sense of relaxation immediately following the massage. Physical benefits are often noticed immediately and will continue to improve over several days.

Speak with your therapist regarding your specific concerns and she/he can make recommendations to address your unique needs.

Dynamic stretching uses motion to bring a muscle to the extreme ends of its range in a controlled manner. Static stretching gradually lengthens muscles by holding them in the stretched (or elongated) position for 15-60 seconds.

In an active stretch, there is no external force involved; you use one muscle group to stretch another. With a passive stretch, there is some type of external force that is used, such as having a therapist stretch you or the use of an accessory such as a yoga strap.

Certainly! Speak with your therapist for ideas on how you can add assisted stretching to a regular home routine in order to achieve the most benefit.