Massage for Tension Relief

Guest Blog by Nadine Mack, Clinical Hypnotist, LMT, RMT

Have you ever felt the touch of a hand from another person and immediately released tension you didn’t even know you had? Then you have experienced massage for tension relief.

Many years ago I was at a conference where the speaker was discussing physical touch and its importance to our mental well being. Now, I’m going to paraphrase here. He was saying there are only a few professions/industries that actually physically touch people. The speaker went on with a fabulous motivational praise about how we were in one of the industries. Of course he laced it with us being in the best: beauty/spa.

“Touching” Industries

Medical, beauty/spa, and sports are the only ones that come to my mind right now as I try to remember back. While touch is necessary in medical, it doesn’t always allow for tensions to be released. As for sports, well that one’s obvious. That leaves spa. While there is many types of spas, I immediately sigh with a calmness and peace when I hear the word. Spa (ahhhhhh). It’s like Mufasa, it has an instant reaction. (If you don’t know that reference, for goodness sake, go watch The Lion King!)

Why am I telling you about this one word, massage? No doubt massage has much to talk about in the physical changes it can provide. However, I believe it is far undervalued as a mental health treatment.

Massage Therapy and Mental Health

According to this article in Psychology Today by James Lake, MD:  “In my own clinical experience working with patients who complain of chronic stress, test-taking stress and generalized anxiety, regular massage therapy effectively reduces anxiety, improves emotional resilience and enhances feelings of general well-being in anxious patients.”

There is a key word in there that many people overlook and that is “regular.” As in regularly scheduled massages. Personally, I recommend once a month whether you think you need it or not. I promise you won’t ever say, “Well, I wish I canceled that appointment.” OK, maybe “promise” is too strong but, let’s just go with, highly doubt.

Massage for Tension Relief

In summary, go for a massage when you’re in physical pain, go when you’re in need of anxiety relief, go when you think you’re fine. It just might be one of those moments you didn’t even know how much tension you had until someone touched you.

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