Tired of Searching “Massage Near Me?” Try Peak Recovery!

massage near me

Are you feeling the pains of age? It may be time to get yourself a massage from our experienced staff here at Peak Recovery. Getting a massage has a large span of benefits that help with your physical and mental health. Depending on the type of session you book, it may help you in the long run! Here are some of the ways that getting a massage today can help you and your health. 


Physical Benefits 

Massages usually are the first thing that people would think of getting when they are hurting. Whether the pain might have resulted from sitting at a desk too long or the result of a severe injury, massages always seem to take a majority of the pain away. Massages help with physical pain in several different ways. When getting a massage, you get something that most call “physical manipulation,” which works in two ways. One is increasing your blood and lymph circulation. The other is the relaxation and normalization of nerves. This is what causes your muscles to relax, which finally results in helping to heal your muscles.


Mental Benefits

Along with the physical benefits of getting a massage, there are also a handful of benefits that play a part in your mental health as well. Massage therapy has been shown to lower the amounts of stress that some would typically see daily. When people are relaxed, their heart rate drops along with their blood pressure and oxygen consumption. This then leads to the person with reduced stress and anxiety. There have also been studies on massage therapy helping those who struggle to get a good night of sleep. Those in the study who got a 30-minute massage twice a week for five weeks had shown a significant decrease in pain which led further to having fewer sleep disturbances. 


Ready to start feeling better?

Our team at Peak Recovery and Health Center has spent years researching ways to make our customers feel better after each of their visits with us. We know that life can be tricky sometimes and leave us in pain in many different ways. That is what we are here to help with. Whether your pain is physical or mental, we may have something that will help you. Instead of searching for a “massage near me” again, visit Peak Recovery or call us at (603) 402- 4564 for more information.