Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus

On the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it says, “Don’t Panic.” That’s good advice at any time, but today especially. The novel coronavirus is scary mostly because we’ve never encountered it before. Most people who come down with the disease will survive it. Self-care, and specifically the self-care involved in strengthening your immune system, is your best hope for thriving in the time of coronavirus.

The Coronavirus And Heat

Can Sauna Kill Coronavirus COVID-19?  Research is coming out that the coronavirus is sensitive to heat.  There are not currently any studies to validate that the virus can be killed by heat, but there are lots of benefits to exposing yourself to heat in the form of either an infrared sauna or photobiomodulation.  Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get yourself some exposure to heat.  

General Recommendations To Help With Coronavirus and Beyond

The human immune system is remarkably robust and capable of fighting even the most most exotic infections. But it pays to make sure your immune system is as strong as possible. How do you strengthen your immune system? The Harvard Health Publishing site, sponsored by Harvard Medical School, provides a succinct list of eight action steps, which amount to a checklist for a healthy lifestyle. I’ll let you go to the site to read all eight, but you should know that Peak Recovery & Health Center is here to directly help you with at least four of them:

    • regular exercise
    • healthy weight
    • enough sleep
    • reduced stress

Yes, the way you boost your immune system is to practice a healthy lifestyle. At Peak Recovery & Health Center, we enthusiastically endorse all the elements of a healthy lifestyle. And, as it turns out, we can be a big help to you with a few of them. 

Regular Exercise

We support regular exercise by providing services that accelerate recovery so you can get out there and exercise again. Whole-body cryotherapy has been proved to speed the healing of stressed muscles. Infrared sauna facilitates recovery by flushing toxins from your cells and relaxing your body to increase range of motion. Massage enhances recovery by breaking up tiny adhesions and promoting the drainage of lactic acid.

Incidentally, if your ability to exercise is restricted by injury or excess weight, we may be able to help you with that. Our zero-gravity treadmill allows you to run with little to no impact.

Healthy Weight

Whole-body cryotherapy activates brown fat, which burns the white fat responsible for excess weight. Infrared sauna facilitates weight loss by increasing metabolism and reducing stress. Photobiomodulation helps with weight control by draining lipids from fat cells.

Enough Sleep

There is no better cure for insomnia or sleep troubles than float pod. I won’t go into detail here, but research has proved float pod’s ability to improve sleep again and again. Furthermore, the improved sleep persists for weeks after a single float pod session.

Stress Control

We happen to be very good at helping you manage the sources of stress in your life. Whether you want to relax and sweat in our infrared sauna, use cryotherapy to give yourself a rush of endorphins, raise your energy level with photobiomodulation, turn the world off for a time in our float pod, or treat yourself to the tension relief of a skilled massage… you can find stress relief here. 

In other words, the services offered by Peak Recovery & Health Center help your body take the action steps that lead to a strengthened immune system. But there is a more relationship between our services and strengthened immunity. Research has shown increased immunity markers in the bloodstream of cryotherapy users, which actually led to fewer colds for those patients.

We intend to remain open and providing vital services throughout this public health emergency.  While we also strive to keep our center immaculately clean, we are going even further above and beyond to ensure cleanliness and safe environment. Call us at 603-402-4564 and let us set up one of our many immune strengthening services for you.

“Novel Coronavirus nCoV” by AJC1 is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0