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celluma near me

“Celluma near me” is a popular search term on Google, and for good reason! This light therapy has been proven to assist with pain management, skin conditions, and even hair restoration! But what makes this therapy so innovative? At Peak Performance, we want our clients to enjoy the benefits of safe and effective therapies, and this FDA-approved therapy is just another one that we offer!

What Is LED Therapy?

First, let’s talk about LED light therapy! There are different wavelengths of visible light in a spectrum that correlate to the colors of LED light. These wavelengths can penetrate the skin at different depths and, depending on how the depth, LED lights can have a positive effect. These effects include treating everything from wrinkles to dark spots. But how is this possible?


Some experts believe that certain LED lights act positively on skin cells called “fibroblasts”. Fibroblasts actually play a key role in collagen production, which helps skin to recover when harmed. As a result, LED light can possibly reverse signs of aging in the skin, and it may even restore hair for those with alopecia! It’s basically a facial for your skin!

What’s Different About Celluma LED?

Sure, you can use LED light therapy at home, but for those who require targeted therapy, Celluma LED devices can help. While most Light therapy devices offer compact handhelds and face masks for similar treatments, only Celluma can provide targeted therapy. Celluma has it all, from compact handheld devices to full-body devices. Thanks to its versatility, anyone can receive targeted LED light therapy treatments for skin and joint issues! 

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