The Benefits of EZ Water — Why Nanovi?

Colin Cook

Are there health benefits in EZ water? Yes, but before I get to them, I need to explain what EZ water is.


Everybody knows that water takes three forms: solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (steam). Research over just the past 50 years, however, has detected a fourth form of water: EZ. In this state, the water’s molecules separate according to electrical charges and order themselves. The liquid becomes gelatinous and takes on unexpected properties. One of these properties is that it repels or excludes other substances. There are no suspensions or colloids in this form of water. For that reason, this state of water is usually called exclusion zone or EZ water.


You Are Full of EZ Water

The reason it has taken so long for this state of water to become generally known is that it tends to be visible only at molecular levels. You find it in a layer where the water is touching a solid surface. It’s a layer of only a few microns or perhaps as much as a millimeter. Current research increasingly indicates that much of the water in your cells is EZ water, and that it plays a fundamental role in their processes.


There is research going on right now to explain the mechanisms that create EZ water. A research paper published in 2020 gives a pretty comprehensive overview. Brush up on your physiology before you read it. For a layperson’s explanation, see the video interview with Gerald H. Pollack on this blog page. (Pollack was one of the first observers of EZ water in 2006.) You can create EZ water by applying some type of energy to ordinary water, and experiments have shown that the most effective type of energy for this is infrared radiation (IR).


EZ Water Is Fundamental to Physiology

A recent laboratory study used IR-irradiated pure water to study the effects of this structured state on biological processes. It showed that EZ water (sometimes called “structured water”) helps to strengthen and protect proteins at the cellular level. In other words, it enhances the ability of cells to do the work they are designed to do.


How do you protect or enhance the amount of EZ water in your cells? There has been no clinical research to speak of on this topic. But Gerald Pollack, in the interview cited above, offers a few suggestions. First he says, get some IR energy: go outside in the sunlight or use a sauna. Second, drink juices made from fresh, raw vegetables in order to consume the EZ water that’s in plant cells. Third, take substances that have been known for centuries to improve health, including turmeric, basil, and ghee (clarified butter). 


Pollack also hypothesizes that cold can increase EZ water in your cells, by causing a loss of infrared radiation from your body. When the IR passes through your cells on the way out, it creates EZ water, which doesn’t care which direction the creating radiation flows. Whole-body cryotherapy, anyone?


The Benefits of EZ Water

I have written hundreds of posts explaining how IR radiation improves cellular health. I write these posts because we offer IR radiation in the form of photobiomodulation, infrared sauna, and celluma. In the course of doing this, I have read and cited many, many, many clinical studies.


Our newest service, Nanovi, extends the IR radiation principle further. The Nanovi machine (which is the same machine used in the protein study cited above) provides a mist of EZ water structured by IR radiation. How do you get the water into your cells? You breathe the mist. A session lasts about 15 minutes, during which you sit in an easy chair. Personally, I find the experience very relaxing, and I emerge from it feeling much the way I feel after photobiomodulation: as if the sun has just emerged on a cloudy day.


Nanovi can help your body recover from the damage of a hard workout. But it can also help you recover from the cellular damage induced by the abuses of modern sedentary, indoor life. Book a session today.


Photo: “Drop of Water” by Jani Ravas. License: Public Domain.