Give Your Valentine the Gift of Recovery

Colin Cook

Are you trying to think of a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other? Get quirky and thoughtful at the same time: give the gift of recovery. Peak Recovery & Health Center offers gift cards in various denominations. Your SO can use one for whole-body cryotherapy, infrared sauna, massage. float therapy, photobiomodulation, or one of our other services. Why am I convinced this is the right gift to enhance your relationship? Read on.


Who Needs Recovery?

If your SO is an athlete, the value of recovery goes without saying. Nearly every hour an athlete spends in training needs to be paired with an hour of recovery, which is when the gains in strength and fitness take place. But our recovery technologies can increase the speed of the recovery process and give the athlete more time to spend with you. Now isn’t more time with you better than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates?


But what if your SO is not an athlete? Non-athletes need recovery, too. We see them here every day: people in chronic pain, people unable to engage fully in physical activities, people who have forgotten what normal feels like, people whose minds and bodies have been punished by the stresses and insults of 21st century life. Give them a taste of good health through recovery and you give them a better life. And isn’t a better life the whole point of a relationship with you?


Popular Recovery Technologies

Here are six of our most popular recovery technologies.

1. Cryotherapy will rejuvenate your valentine’s muscles at the cellular level by reducing inflammation and has been shown to reduce pain and enhance immune response.

2. Photobiomodulation relieves oxidative stress and promotes your valentine’s cellular production of ATP and has been shown to be helpful for a host of conditions, including acne, arthritis, back pain, cancer, and degenerative nerve conditions.

3. Compression therapy flushes toxins from your valentine’s blood and prevents blood pooling and has been shown to help reduce inflammation, control swelling, and promote healthy blood flow.

4. Infrared sauna cleanses your valentine at a cellular level by melting the fat bound to toxins and has been shown to help control high blood pressure, reduce body fat,  and improve cardiovascular function.

5. Float therapy increases your valentine’s mental focus by temporarily restricting mental and physical stimulation. It also happens to be one of the most profound and deepest forms of rest you can enjoy without being dead and buried.

6. Massage can relieve your valentine’s tension and stress, increase energy and alertness, lower blood pressure, and improve immune function. It can even relieve pain, either chronic or acute.


Every one of these technologies leads to increased energy and focus as well as an enhanced sense of well-being. The bond between you and your SO is at its healthiest when both of you are at your healthiest. So don’t just give your SO a gift card. Make a reservation for yourself as well and turn recovery into a couples’ experience. Valentine’s Day is a lot more fun when both of you are relaxed, rejuvenated, and reaching the peak of your well-being.