The Wait Is Finally Over For the New Photobiomodulation Machine!

The wait is finally over! I am extremely excited to announce that Peak Recovery And Health Center now has a new Photobiomodulation bed we’ve been waiting quite some time for!  It is called the ARRCLED ATP.  For people that are not familiar with Photobiomodulation, please check out some of the other blog entries I have written about it (listed below), but this machine can be unbelievably beneficial to many people with all kinds of different issues!  Our new machine only requires 8-12 minutes sessions (as opposed to 25-30 minute sessions with the previous machine), it can help rejuvenate poorly performing cells throughout your entire body! It also helps reduce the presence of oxidative stress and free radicals (very commonly found in people with cancer and other major illnesses).  This machine also offers a pulsing option and actually generates heat. PRAHC is currently the ONLY company in the ENTIRE COUNTRY with this cutting edge machine.  Here are some very level benefits that have been documented, but this there are many more:


  • Athletes love this machine because it can help them recover faster and perform better.
  • People with chronic pains see significant reductions in their pain levels.
  • People recovering from injuries see significantly reduced recovery times.
  • People with chronic illnesses and disorders see huge improvements with their issues.
  • Photobiomodulation has proven to help improve concussions and also reduce the risk of concussions.
  • The list goes on and on with how this machine can help people.

For more information, please check out the Photobiomodulation page on our site or here are some links to some of our other blogs on Photobiomodulation:

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So if you’re in the southern New Hampshire or northern Mass area and you or a loved one is looking to improve their overall health, I highly recommend you come check out this machine and the other equipment at the center. For more information, give the center a call at 603-402-4564 or book an appointment online by clicking here.